We must fully fund our public school system. With one of the top three economies in America, we can afford to pay our teachers competitive salaries that will attract the most effective teachers to our classrooms. Amanda will fight against teachers carrying guns and will put forward safer solutions for our classrooms. We will work to reduce unnecessary standardized testing. Amanda knows first hand the impact state legislation has on students. Our kids deserve better from us, immediately. They deserve a teacher in Tallahassee advocating for them.

Our Fragile Environment

Florida will feel the effects of climate change more than other states. Our economy depends on our waterways. Protecting our beaches, rivers, and springs from harmful pollution has to be a top priority. As the Sunshine State, Florida should be leading the nation in solar and other forms of renewable energy. Climate change is affecting the entire world. Florida must lead the nation in being a champion for climate justice.

Medicare Expansion

Our state has some of the worst health outcomes, especially for women and people of color. Amanda will push for an expanded Medicare program with a buy-in option, providing competition to private insurance companies and more options for consumers regardless of any pre-existing conditions. We will fight for funding for mental health programs and solutions to the opioid crisis. Amanda will also fight to reduce the cost of prescription drugs. Not one person should go without medication due to cost.

Equality for All

You deserve open and equal opportunity, no matter where you come from, how much money you earn, your gender, the color your skin, your housing or job status, who you love, if you choose to worship, or your disability status. Being free to dream, love, and live without discrimination is a human right and one that must be protected in Florida.

Women's Rights

Amanda firmly trusts women to make medical decisions about their own bodies. She will champion funding and research for reproductive health and will advocate for issues such as the ERA, access to reproductive care, and equal work for equal pay.

Economy & Jobs

Amanda supports a minimum annual salary of $30,000 for all workers. No one should be working full-time and unable to pay rent or keep the lights on. We will advocate for fair wages and taxes, especially for the largest working class of employees in the state - teachers. We will work to create innovative, clean jobs in solar, water, and infrastructure . Higher wages and more opportunity will bring a more stable, stronger economy.

Housing for All

Far too many Floridians struggle to obtain housing at the recommended 40% of their household income. We will fight for funding for affordable housing, further stimulating our state's economy and protecting our land from harmful urban sprawl.

A Voice for Us All

Every voice matters. Every concern, every worry, every idea. District 21 deserves someone who will listen and work on behalf of the communities. Amanda will fight for better government and transparency for us all. It's time our leaders look more like our working class.