Rob Kriete President of Hillsborough Classroom Teacher's Association

Amanda Linton is a hard working public educator who understands what Florida voters can agree on - funding a high quality, public education system appropriately for our students, communities, and our economy. Amanda is the genuine and intelligent voice Florida needs in the legislature. I fully support Amanda and know the needs of our public schools and communities will be heard in Tallahassee when she is elected.


Adam Tebrugge Attorney

The State of Florida is in desperate need of new leaders who will be responsive to the needs of the people. As senator, Amanda Linton will work on behalf of the citizens of Manatee and Hillsborough to bring better government to the state. I am impressed by her background as a teacher, small business owner and parent to three young children. Amanda is dedicated to improving people’s lives by fighting for affordable housing, better wages and healthcare for all. If you care about improving public education and protecting Florida’s fragile environment, I hope you will join me in supporting her. I am proud to endorse Amanda Linton for election to the Florida Senate.

Cassandra Mattison National Board Certified Teacher, 2013 Hillsborough County Teacher of the Year, Christian, Wife, & Mother

I am supporting Amanda and voting for her in the next election because she is REAL: a real person, a real wife, a real mother, a real teacher, with real questions and real answers those questions. She is not the archetypal politician, groomed, financed, and coached for the job. She brings to the table the same experiences and struggles that you and I face each day, and she demonstrates a willingness to listen to all perspectives, in order to find solutions that are good for the common person. She embodies what is lacking in our government: heart and common sense.

Allegra Smart Organizer at SEIU Faculty Forward

I'm voting for Amanda because Tallahassee needs educators advocating for our students, our teachers, and our future!

Gordon Vanlandingham French Instructor, Student Travel Leader, Committee Chair for Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports Team

During the time I have known Amanda, it is clear that she has heart of gold and wants the best for everyone. Very few people I have met have the drive for change and equality that she has. Her passion for Floridians and educators is one of her most admirable qualities.

Cameron Gardner Designer

After relocating from New York in 2018 to help care for my parents, I was concerned about the political environment I would encounter here in Florida. I wondered if I would feel like I had a place here. I was pleasantly surprised to find an energized and active local base of people who were looking to affect change (dispelling many of my Yankee myths), which lead me to Amanda. Amanda's background in education and entrepreneurship, along with her general path in life has echoes of my own - and everyone of our generation. Struggling to secure affordable healthcare, concern for the planet and how it will affect us in our lifetime, finding work that pays fairly, the list goes on and on. The issues we face seem insurmountable - that is, until you sit in a room with Amanda who is able to speak to the issues and solutions that affect all of us on a local level. I believe she will work as hard for our district as she does for her family, which is nothing short of a two parent army with Amanda at the helm. It's time for new leadership on every level in this country and I can't wait to cast my vote for Amanda and see her as our new state senator for District 21.

Rosie Ordaz English as a Second Language Paraprofessional

Amanda Linton is an asset to the education world. She does not back down from any educational challenge, regardless of a student's specific background or hurdles. She sees potential in all. Mrs. Linton eagerly shares her delight in new discoveries with her students. Her experience with diversity in the classroom and the community will take her to infinite success as a state senator.

Chris Gilbert Student

I'm supporting Amanda because FL *must* free our legislature from the environment-destroying and socially-regressive Republican majority. Plus, Amanda is friendly, and helpful. We need more people in government who know how to solve problems. Who else is better at problem-solving than a teacher? Go, Amanda!

Jennifer Easley Financial Advisor

I was impressed with Amanda's experience and advocacy for women's health. She speaks with knowledge and acts with integrity regarding Florida's education system. She's not a part of the "Swamp" and I feel confident she will work for the greater good of Florida.

Cory Wright Artist

I appreciate Amanda coming out to speak to our Moms Demand Action group and I am grateful she is running for office. Amanda radiates integrity, authenticity, intelligence, compassion, and common sense (which, let's face it, seems to be all too "uncommon" these days). I am proud to endorse Amanda Linton and believe she is exactly who we need to represent us in the Florida Senate.

Sarah Taylor Senior HR Professional, Activist, Mother of Three, Wife

Our family is so excited to have Amanda represent us for Florida State Senate District 21. As a parent, I am always thinking about the future for my children. Amanda is exactly what I'm looking for when I think about wanting what's best for them. Her views on education, healthcare, gun control, the environment, etc. align with those of our family. I am an HR Professional and have been recruiting top talent domestically and internationally for over ten years - Amanda has the energy, grit, and courage to get it done! She is an inspiration as a teacher, mother of three, and wife. I'm excited about the future of Florida knowing she will be representing us!

Brad Weaver Restaurant Manager

I’ve known Amanda Linton for over ten years, dating back to our time working together in the hospitality industry. It was in that capacity that I was able to observe her proficiency in working with all types of people, as well as her seemingly effortless listening skills. After watching her tackle personal adversities - as well as lead her family - with an enviable strength and poise, it was no surprise when she became an educator. Though I don’t live in her district (or even her state), I am extremely proud of Amanda for recognizing these virtues within herself, and their ability to serve the people of Manatee and Hillsborough Counties.

Julie Jenkins Senior Marketing Manager

Amanda is a breath of fresh air! Honest, straight forward and hardworking! We need more people like her in office that put people over politics!

William Orr Retired School Administrator

I have had 40+ years as an educator and all of my family have been educators. At this time in Florida, we need policy and law makers who are passionate about education. Amanda Linton is such a person. Florida's children need your vote for Amanda.

Sheila Roit Nurse

I recently met Amanda and was impressed with her drive to run and her reasons. It was a breath of fresh air to hear a candidate talk about the lack of RNs in schools. Keeping students safe and healthy are great reasons to run!

Cory Hutchinson Candidate for Sarasota County Commission, District 3

Florida desperately needs new leaders in our state legislature. Amanda Linton is the perfect choice! Teachers have a special skill set that isn't found in any other field, and bringing that skill set to the state Senate gives Amanda an advantage over the competition. She stands for values that will move us forward and help fund education, which Florida desperately needs! I'm proud to support Amanda Linton!

Megan Martin

Amanda is what we need and want representing our district! She is helping to fight for families and children!!

Sandra Gander Retired
Anthony Hardie Retired Veteran
Kent Noel Retired
Harriet Jamison Retired - Precinct Captain
Ed Jamison Retired - Precinct Captain
Aubrie Orr Teacher

As a new mother, a veteran teacher, community activist, and inspirational leader in Amanda’s community, I am beyond thankful she is running a campaign aimed at bettering the community in reasonable and responsible ways. Her ideas are as inspiring as she is. Amanda is a dedicated public servant that I trust to identify community-centered issues and find community-driven solutions.

Laura Hottenstein School Counselor

Amanda is fighting daily for public education, for our students in Florida. Mental health matters to her. Time to flip some seats and fight for public education.

Eric Dubose Product Manager, Former Teacher

I have full confidence in Amanda Linton's ability to do what's right for our children, not for special interests.


KC Crane-Daniels Owner, Director, & Creator of Relentlessly Crooked

I would like to take a moment and write a bit about Amanda Linton, candidate for Florida State Senate District 21 in the 2020 election. I own an informative and activism-based website, a large support group on Facebook, and am in production for a podcast for people affected by the disease of Scoliosis, or curvature of the spine. I have known Mrs. Linton for approximately 5 years. She sought my scoliosis group out, and we are so blessed that she has. Her natural leadership capabilities and kind nature, coupled with keen intelligence and a healthy dose of wisdom immediately singled her out for a leadership role within our organization. I was quite pleased that she agreed to take on this role, and has been an administrator in the support group for roughly three years now. Not only does she offer kind support and assistance to our members, she is imaginative and inspirational when it comes to self-advocacy and larger activism in regards to the treatment of an often complicated and unpredictable disease. Mrs. Linton shoots straight from the hip with honesty, but with a kindness and mindful inspiration when she does so. All skills necessary for leadership, and essential to the encouragement of actions for change in others. I am sure her experience as a teacher has well-prepared her for not only representing her people, but protecting, and advocating for them as well. I know well how she represents people with Scoliosis, and it’s impressive. We at Relentlessly Crooked are thankful to have Amanda in a leadership role within our Organization, and we are more than pleased to recommend her to represent the people of District 21 of Florida as State Senator.


Valentina Montoya Senior Student Body President, Armwood High School

It's time that students feel like all this talk about "being the future" becomes reality. It's hard for us to feel like we matter because we are told to stand up but then seem to be shut down for "not knowing enough." A brand new generation of voters are coming to the polls in 2020 and I plan on making it count. Nobody is going to take away my right to see the change I want in our nation and our world. I hope that everyone makes wise choices and part of my choice is supporting someone I once had as a teacher, who is part of my inspiration to accomplish so many things. With so many goals in mind, she has managed to attain everything she's aimed for. If she can do that for herself, then I can only feel excitement for all the good Mrs. Linton will bring to office.

Anonymous Former Student Athlete in Hillsborough County

Mrs. Linton was one of my high school swim team coaches. She balanced her family life, teaching, and coaching well and always brought a positive mindset to the pool. Her attention to current issues surrounding education prove her dedication and her drive to serve her community. She also recognizes the importance of Career and Technical Education in our state, something often undermined in our capital. Considering the way education is treated in Florida, it’s clear that we need Mrs. Linton in office.

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